5 Types of Information Which You should never Share on Facebook

Facebook is widely used social networking website which has over a billion and growing users. Most of Facebook users don't hesitate to share their personal information on Facebook Including pics, address, payment related info etc.

There are some types of Information which you should never be sharing on Facebook or other social media sites because it can cause danger for you.

Your address: Its not safe to share your address on Facebook otherwise you can face a crime.

Payment related information: don't share your payment info like credit card number on Facebook.

Phone Number: sharing your phone number can also cause danger. so its better to not share it on Facebook.

Personal photographs: its not safe to share your personal photographs on Facebook specially if there are unknown people added in your friend list. remember to set privacy on your pics when you share them.

Password: Sharing your Facebook or other accounts password will get you hacked. so never share it on Facebook.
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