5 Gadgets Which Got Killed with arrival of Smartphones

Smartphone is one of the great Invention of recent times as it has brought so many amazing features in one gadget for which we needed to use several things before. today there are billions of smartphone users growing each second and each day. Following are some gadgets which got killed after arrival of smartphones:

1 Watches:

till few years ago everyone used to wear wristwatches for watching time but since the arrival of smartphone the usage of watches has reduced massively because people can use their phones to see the time.

2 MP3 Players:

another gadget which people have stopped using due to arrival of smartphone is MP3 players because phone can not only play MP3 format audio files but also many other types.

3 GPS Devices

GPS Navigation Devices are also in trouble because smartphones provides people  GPS  functionality.

4 small Gaming Consoles:

people are no more buying small gaming consoles because there are millions of games available for smartphones which can be downloaded for free.

5 Cameras

Cameras are also losing their worth because now every smartphone has Camera. some Phones even got two cameras.
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